DEEPEND research was prominently featured at the first international "Fish at Night Symposium" in Coconut Grove, Florida on Nov. 17-20th 2015.  Dr. Tracey Sutton, Director of the DEEPEND consortium, was the chair for the Deep and Polar Sea (“Perpetual Night”) Fish and Fisheries session.  Featured DEEPEND talks and presenter were:

Dr. Tracey Sutton - "Understanding Deep-Pelagic Ecosystem Dynamics: A New Research Initiative in the Gulf of Mexico (DEEPEND)"

April Cook, MS - "What Have We Learned About the Diversity of Oceanic Fauna of the Gulf of Mexico After Deepwater Horizon? Initial Results of the Offshore Nekton Sampling and Analysis Program

Alex Marks, MS Student - "Reproductive Ecology of Dragonfishes (Family: Stomiidae), The Dominant Vertically Migrating Mesopelagic Predators, in the Gulf of Mexico"

Lacey Malarky, MS Student - "Faunal Composition and Distribution of Pelagic Larval Flatfishes (Teleostei:Pleuronectiformes) in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Connectivity Between Coastal and Oceanic Epipelagic Ecosystems"

Katie Bowen, MS Student - "Pelagic Habitat Use by Juvenile Reef Fishes in the Northern Gulf of Mexico"

The full program can be downloaded here

Heather Judkins and Mike Vecchione are at the Cephalopod International Cephalopod Symposium this week in Hakodate, Japan presenting cephalopod talks related to the Gulf of Mexico diversity and vertical distributions of some highlighted groups as well as the changes of cephalopod taxonomy that have changed over the last 12 years in the region.  They are excited to share findings with their colleagues about these exciting invertebrates!

FORT LAUDERDALE-DAVIE, Fla. – They are some of the most interesting and unique creatures in the oceans – deep-sea life. Most people can identify a shark or sea turtle or whale, but many are shocked to see what a lanternfish or oarfish looks like. Deep-sea creatures can be down-right scary looking.

Adding to the list of deep-sea creatures, a Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography researcher recently found a never-before seen species from the deep waters of the northern Gulf of Mexico. Tracey Sutton, Ph.D., is one of NSU’s experts on deep-sea life and he teamed up with Theodore Pietsch, Ph.D. from the University of Washington to formally describe this new species of anglerfish.

Alisha Stahl will join the DEEPEND crew aboard the MV Point Sur in August. Alisha will be live blogging from the ship - we wish her an exciting adventure! You can read more about Alisha and our Teacher at Sea program here.

The Blazing Seven is slated to set sail on Monday, July 20 for the second DEEPEND ichthyoplankton cruise lead by Dr. Jay Rooker of Texas A&M University Galveston. The goal will be to survey larval and early juvenile pelagic fishes of the northern Gulf of Mexico's shelf and slope waters. You can learn more about this research here. Follow the DEEPEND team throughout this cruise as our teacher at sea, Megan Ehlers, and graduate student, Kendall Lord, blog and post photos detailing their experiences as they embark on their first oceanographic research cruise.

Postdoctoral Position - Nova Southeastern University Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography

A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Tracey Sutton, Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography, Nova Southeastern University, Dania Beach, FL. The position will emphasize highly quantitative approaches to the analysis of data generated by an extensive and ongoing field campaign that integrates deep-sea taxonomy, community ecology, physical oceanography, remote sensing, acoustics, genetics/genomics, marine biogeochemistry, and numerical modelling. The specific focus of independent research will be analysis of deep-pelagic community data with respect to spatial, temporal, ecological and physical drivers.


The first DEEPEND midwater trawling cruise report is now available online here.  You will soon be able to access these reports for all of our cruises and plot their course in a composite cruise tracking map! We still have two more cruises going out this summer so come back to visit our website July 20-26 to follow along as our Texas A&M Galveston crew complete their second ichthyoplankton cruise. Our teacher at sea, Megan Ehlers and graduate student, Kendall Lord will be blogging and posting photos throughout the cruise. Then August 8-22 we will be back out on the Point Sur collecting our favorite deep-sea creatures using the midwater trawl. We will again be posting pictures, videos, and blogs during the entire cruise with the help of our teacher at sea, Alisha Stahl. This will also be our first cruise participating in the WhalesTimes’ Creep into the DEEPEND program where scientists will share their research and discoveries through email updates, photos, videos, and answer student questions! What an exciting summer!”

The first animation involving "Squirt" is published on the DEEPEND Education/Outreach page. Check out Squirt as he explores counter-illumination with kids! Squirt will be highlighting other parts of DEEPEND research as the project continues.

Other news from the Outreach team is that we have 3 teachers venturing out to sea with the DEEPEND crew this year! Carol Gordy and Megan Ehlers are part of the Ichtyoplankton cruises this summer and Alisha Stahl will be on the DEEPEND cruise in August. Follow the adult blog to check in on how life at sea works for this project and these excited teachers! ”